carrot bars

This recipe comes from Sue Battani (totally not sure if I’ve spelled her last name right, but …) Sue is a friend of my parents they know from their time in Iowa. I was only in Iowa a few short months before I escaped the frozen tundra via US Navy boot camp. I never really went back, except for a couple visits and the midwest still mostly feels like a foreign country to me. I like living around the edges : )

Instead of typing this one out, I’m posting the picture from my mother’s recipe box in what I assume is Sue’s handwriting. Couple things to know:

  • The “soda” listed is baking soda. This is from Iowa. If they’d meant a can of Coke or some such, that would have said “pop.”
  • I don’t use a jelly roll pan. I make mine in a 13×9 baking dish
  • I double everything in the icing recipe with the exception of the powdered sugar, which I reduce to 2 cups. It’s the most fabulous cream cheese icing ever.
  • Oleo means butter. And I mean butter. Not margarine. Ever.

carrot bars



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